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Ensuring that our finances are in order is a priority for us all. The constant changes to legislation mean that navigating HMRC can be very complicated. There are different tax rates for various types of income and a choice of allowances for other income sources.

This is where we can help you. As well as saving you the time and hassle of completing the return, we can also help you understand the outcome.

Services we offer:

Self-Assessment and Personal Tax Returns

Every individual under self assessment must complete a tax return and file it with HMRC, usually by 31st January.  Failure to do so will result in a £100 penalty automatically issued by HMRC.  We can prepare your tax computations, and give you a full explanation of the refund or payment due.  We can also file your tax return electronically with HMRC on your behalf.

Inheritance Tax Planning and Trusts

We are here for you to discuss your plans and ideas with us before you make any changes to your personal assets and circumstances.  We will advise you on the tax implications and help you with a plan that achieves your objective, but keeps your tax charge as low as possible.

Capital Gains Tax

CGT is due on the disposal of most investments, assets and property other than your private residence. This will include any business that you sell your interest in. We can discuss this with you and help you to plan for your tax liabilities. There is now a requirement to submit a return and pay any Capital Gains Tax due for a sale of residential property within 60 days of completion.  We offer a complete service in this area.

Non Residents

We help our non-resident clients to file their tax returns with HMRC.  We can also assist in determining residency for tax purposes using the HMRC statutory residence tests.

Estate & Probate

We are licensed to carry out all aspects of probate work. See us for a free consultation, we can guide you through the process for a fee agreed at the outset. 


Using an accountant to assist you with probate rather than using the services of a bank or solicitor can be highly cost-effective. When someone dies a person needs to be appointed executor to access assets like property, bank accounts, and savings to the estate of the recently deceased.


Some estates are required to pay inheritance tax.​​​​

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